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For models, new or updating existing vitals are necessary, please add the following (see example below),

Height: ; Weight: Shoulder: Bust: Cup: Waist: Hips: Inseam:

Hollow to Floor: Hair Color: Length: Eye Color: Dress: Shoe: Pant:

For specific projects, wardrobe are custom made, so fill in the measurement instruction below.

Upper bust: Under bust: Nipple to nipple: Shoulder to shoulder:

Front Length Shoulder to Waist: Outer Leg = (from waist to floor with your shoes on):

Size unit: centimeters or inch
Height = (from the top of head to floor without shoes)
Shoulder to Shoulder
Length shoulder to bust centerline
Front Length Shoulder to Waist
Full Bust
Upper bust
Under bust
Nipple to Nipple
Waist (smallest point)
Hips (lowest point)
Outer Leg = (from waist to floor with your shoes on)


Demo video how to measure



Note to models and interested clients:
If you have been sent a message, friend request or email, consider it as an invitation to work with you and we ask that you contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a session.

An initial test shoot for models is mandatory. If we work well together in session, then we will continue with projects as they come up. If not, then we can shake hands and part as friends.

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